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FindMyCat - Months long battery, no subscription | Product Hunt
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Find your Cat
Never lose sight of your beloved furry friend again. Stay connected and worry-free with FindMyCat’s real-time updates!
With a single tap on our app, trigger a fun and attention-grabbing sound that will turn the hunt into a delightful adventure.
With Real GPS for outdoors and most advanced Ultrawideband tech for indoor location, you can count on our precision tracking.
Engineering meets
Meowstermind Innovation
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Months Looooooong battery life. Goodbye charging hassles.
The combination of optimized software, ultra-low power hardware and the HomeStation Smart Tether for when at home means that you can say goodbye to charging hassles. Leave 'Charging' to Smartphones - FindMyCat Tracker Laughs at 5-day Limits.

Get up-to 6 months of battery life with a single charge. Learn about what you can expect with different modes FindMyCat offers.
Real GPS for Outdoors.
Equipped with a real GPS chip and a SIM-card connection for LTE so you can track anywhere whether it’s in your neighborhood or around Pyramids of Egypt. As long as there is cellular connection, FindMyCat technology will take care of the rest!
Precise Find for Indoors.
Comes with Ultra-wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth technology that let’s you find precise distance and direction to your pet. So the next time your fur baby decides it's time for a game of hide-and-seek, you're always one step ahead.
Smart Tether - the final cherry on top
Witness the magic as the FindMyCat tracker intelligently goes into ultra deep sleep mode when your cherished pet is nestled safely at home. The HomeStation creates a Smart Tether with the device and sends location updates via WiFi. When your pet decides it’s time to venture out, you get a real time notification and the tracking begins!
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Precise FinderOutdoor Location
It’s Beyond Meow-nificent.
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