Tracker Modes

Tracker Modes

There are four modes the tracker can be in.

Near Home

When the tracker is near home, the firmware stays in ultra sleep mode with all peripherals turned off. It still stays connected to the cloud over the HomeStation tether.

The current consumption is absolute minimum and device location is visible at a refresh rate of 10 seconds.

Ping mode

When the tracker leaves the vicinity of your house, the firmware will switch to Ping mode. This is where the device will send back location when ping-ed from the iOS app.

This is useful when you want to know the location of your pet on demand, but not necessarily keep a location history.

Active mode

When commanded to be in Active mode, the firmware starts reporting its location every 7 minutes until commanded to stop.

Lost mode

In the lost mode, the tracker will report its location with a very high frequency at 30s interval.


Battery capacity: 350mAh

ModeAvg CurrentBattery life
At Home18uA~2 years
Ping Mode40uA~1 year
Active Mode (12 hrs/day)*1mA3 weeks
Lost Mode15mA20 hours
* Assuming pet stays outdoors 12hrs a day, and returns home.