3D Printing

3D Printing

This project involves some resin 3D printing to print the Tracker Body. Don't worry if you do not own or have access to a 3D resin printer, there are some external services that offer printing for really cheap.

There are three parts to print for the Tracker.

  • Top Cover
  • Chassis
  • Bottom Cover

I recommend printing using a 3D resin printer, the press-fit parts and tolerances needed for this project might be difficult with a traditional FDM printer. At-least in my experience.



Print Files




Printer Settings

I used two different resin colors for the chassis, the top and bottom cases are printed with white resin, and the middle chassis is printed with yellow resin to which I added some resin dye to get a darker shade or orange-yellow.

Following are the settings that worked well for me for Elegoo Saturn 2 8K printer.

Layer Height0.05mm
Bottom Layer Count5
Exposure Time4.500s
Bottom Exposure Time35s

I used the free version of Chitubox.

3rd party printing services

These are some 3D printing services that seems to have pretty good pricing, seems like a worthy try if you do not have access to a resin printer. (not sponsored)