iOS Application

iOS Application

The FindMyCat iOS application is used to manage all your devices and track their realtime location etc. Once you successfully build and install it on your device using the following steps, you will be able to add/edit FindMyCat tracker devices and track their location.

Download FindMyCat/ios-app repository.

Github Repository link: (opens in a new tab)

git clone

Configure Info.plist

Open FindMyCat.xcodeproj in Xcode and configure the following in Info.plist

Info.plist KeyWhy
HologramAPIKeyYour Hologram API key, found in dashboard (settings page)
HologramOrgIdYour Hologram Org Id
MBXAccessTokenYour Mapbox Public token
FindMyCat-Cloud-HostnameYour FindMyCat Cloud hostname.

Build and Run.

Click build in Xcode and you should be able to install in on your iPhone.