SIM Card Setup

SIM Card Setup

The SIM card is from Hologram IOT. The FindMyCat software system depends on some aspects of Hologram APIs, such as the Hologram Cloud Data messaging, which is used for dispatching commands to the device. It is really difficult to make a low-power network reachable device but Hologram's API have made this possible.

Furthermore, their subscription plans are quite affordable, and I consistently manage to remain within the confines of the free 1MB per month limit for my device's data usage.

Activate Hologram SIM

Follow the instructions in the link here to activate your Hologram SIM. (opens in a new tab)

Change Hologram Device Name to FindMyCat Device ID

This step is important because the FindMyCat iOS queries devices from Hologram REST api using the FindMyCat device ID. You can find the Device Id under FindMyCat iOS App, in the edit option for the device.