PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

We have two options for PCB assembly, one is using the PCB manufacturer to help assemble the PCB and the other one is doing it yourself. There are pros and cons, but I like to be able to do-it-myself whenever possible because I can control the variables like timing and pricing.

And obviously, you learn more when you do it yourself :)

Bill of Materials

Regardless of which assembly option you opt for, you will need the BOM file to order the components. Here is a BOM file that you can upload directly to mouser.com, and it will select all parts for you in the cart.


CPL (component placement)

Component placement file for automatic assembly.


DIY PCB-Assembly

For assembling the PCB yourself, you will need the following

  • PCB Oven
  • FindMyCat PCB Stencil
  • Soldering paste

Apply Solderpaste

Bake time


Assemble bottom layer